Author: Claudia

I was never good at writing bio's, but here goes:
Avid (board) gamer, always wondering if someone got the number of that donkey cart? On a more serious note: Community founder and Chief of Sprinkles here at women.code(be), often planning our next move. May or may not have experience in front-end development, UX design and product management...

Member Spotlight

women.code(be) Member Spotlight #2 – Ksenia Karelskaya

A new month and a new interviewee! Meet Ksenia, a front-end developer at Euricom and she also happens to be part of the NG-BE conference core team! When she's not working you can probably find her hanging out with her two pet guinea pigs or reading comic books like "Persepolis" by Marjane Satrapi, watching tv-shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and playing FFXIV online.

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